History of La Paz Elementary School

In 1924, the first barrio school was established in La Paz at the site on the corner of Abiva and Gruspe streets. The first teachers were Placido Arenas, Luis Abiva and Agrifino Floresca. In the early part of 1924, the residence of the late Mr. & Mrs. Mariano Bustillo was used as a school building, later, they thought of putting up classrooms made of light materials in the said site previously mentioned. The classrooms were made of nipa, bamboo, cogon and boho. As the years went by, the enrolment increased and there were additional school buildings to house the children. The materials were then a combination of light materials, pieces of wood and galvanized iron. The shop building was made of light materials under the tamarind tree. The source of water was on the open well. Later, semi-concrete buildings were established consisting of 3 to 5 classrooms and the last type of buildings were the BOD and DDB, after the Mt. Pinatubo eruption.

At present, the school is now equipped with electric pumps and hand pumps as the main source of water. The clean and attractive classrooms with built-in toilets and sinks made teaching and learning more conducive to teachers and children alike.

A well-maintained landscape surrounded by concrete benches under the shade of mango trees made the pupils attracted to rest and study their lessons during their vacant periods.

Past to Present School Heads:

Mr. Apolinario Farrales 
Mrs. Espiridion Fonteca 
Mrs. Visitacion Fontillas 
Miss Marcelina B. Angeles 
Mr. Alfredo Pascasio 
Mr. Lutero C. Acay 
Mrs. Remedios F. de Dios 
Mrs. Cecilia Villanueva 
Dr. Martha E. Fernandez 
Mrs. Julieta D. Abiva 
Mrs. Florentina B. Labador1990-2000
Mrs. Precita Fogata2000-2002
Mr. Guillermo Fogata2002-2004
Mr. Edwin E. Ventura2004-2006
Mrs. Fedeline M. Fortin2006-2008
Mr. Rommel F. Rosete20098-2013
Mrs. Norma B. Flores2013-January 2018
Mr. Rommel F. RoseteJuly 2018-June 2021
Mrs. Boots De Mesa-LabradorJune 2021-present