Teaching using SMART TV is an innovative way of imparting knowledge and skills to students. This technology allows lessons to be presented using interactive media such as videos, images, and graphics. The teacher can integrate teaching aids to the display to make it more visually engaging, making it easier for learners to understand.

Using SMART TV can also foster student participation through group work using functions such as screen sharing, online collaboration, and file sharing. Thus, the students can learn independently with limited intervention from the teacher.

Furthermore, the technology allows the teacher to assess the student’s progress easily. They can use various assessment tools that can be accessed through the SMART TV screen. This can significantly reduce the workload of the instructor since they can grade the assessments directly on the device.

Overall, SMART TV is an excellent tool that can enhance and revolutionize learning in many ways. It increases the level of student engagement, the quality of teaching, and simplifies the assessment process.