School Pupil Government (SPG) is a student-led organization in schools that allows students to participate in the decision-making process regarding school activities and policies. The SPG plays a crucial role in ensuring the active participation and engagement of students in school affairs, academic programs, and community service initiatives.

The SPG provides a platform for students to develop their leadership skills, collaborate with peers, and represent the views of their peers to school administrators. This promotes student empowerment and creates a more inclusive and democratic school community where students’ voices are heard and respected.

The responsibilities of the SPG include coordinating and organizing school events, such as dances, fundraisers, and talent shows. They also oversee the allocation of the budget for such events. Furthermore, they serve as a liaison between the students and school administration, ensuring that students’ needs and concerns are addressed.

Overall, the SPG helps to enhance the learning experience of students by providing opportunities for personal and academic growth, leadership development, and fostering a sense of responsibility and civic engagement.